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It's Time to Love Your Practice.

"It's so pretty and I love it so much. I SWEAR it has made a difference in my practice."

Ali R.

"This was my first time ever investing in a high-quality mat. 10/10!"

Melissa, San Antonio TX

"OMG! This is the Ferarri of yoga mats!"

- Ashley, Burbank CA

The Practice Mat

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Movement & Meditation for Everywhere and Any Time.

Your Practice, Everywhere.

Movement. Mindset. Meditation. That's what we're serving up 24/7 at Practice Everywhere. If you've done one class or one hundred, we consider you a part of Team PE.

Watch classes organized by type, time, and teacher so you can tune in for what you want, when you want it, and fit it into your schedule with no excuses.

Live your practice, everywhere.

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Our products are designed with comfort and durability in mind, so you can take your Practice Everywhere. Purchasing from our boutique shows your support for small, women-owned business. In turn, it empowers Practice Everwhere to continue to provide affordable yoga, fitness, and meditation classes online and employ amazing teachers who are excited to train with you. Thank you for shopping with us!

Practice Everywhere

Live your practice, everywhere.