Re : Play

Yoga inspires what we do at Practice Everywhere.

On important tenant, the foundational attitude for practice, is Ahimsa ("to not strike" or non-harming).

When it comes to having good intentions, we know that isn't the end of the story. Intention has to be met with impact.  That's why we commit to exploring ways to improve our positive impact and minimize impact that may result in harm for our collective home, Planet Earth.

We recognize that manufacturing and selling products creates pressure on the planet. We can do our part to reduce the impact of our actions through reuse and recycling programs.

Here are ways you can participate!

Reuse for Practice Mats


If you have an old yoga mat that is a rubber, synthetic rubber, or cork material * and in GOOD condition (meaning no tears, rips, pilling, or excessive stains) you can ship your old yoga mat back to us and we will REplay your mat by sending it to one of our community partnerships for future human use.

If you are sending us an old PVC, plastic, well-worn or damaged mat we will use REplay your mat by sending it to local animal shelters. 

When you participate in our REplay program you'll get a coupon for 20% off a new mat. 

  • Use this form to get a shipping label for your old mat PLUS get a 20% off code for a new mat. 


  • Cut your yoga mat into third, layer it on top of your new mat as a knee-pad or wrist-relief
  • Cut your mat into squares to use as placemats for kids. 
  • Size down your mat  by snipping 6 inches off each end to make a kid-sized yoga mat
  • Use your yoga mat as a floor-saver under home workout equipment
  • Snip small squares out of your old yoga mat and slide them under furniture legs to prevent floor scratches
  • Use your old yoga mat as a washable, removeable liner in the trunk of your car when transporting messy materials.